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Mobile Shop and Race Equipment - Call for Pricing
See other Items for sale by this racer

Mobile Shop Tire Rack. Will hold up to 5 sets of tires

(6) new Briggs Gas Tanks
(2) Briggs Carbs

(100) NGK Spark Plugs
Multiple Engine Gaskets (Briggs)
Briggs Clutch and Carb rebuild parts

Exact-Toe Alignment System

Wheel Balancer
Bead Breaker
Tire Inflation Ring

(15) Rear Sprockets

Spare Tie Rods with Ends

(2) Kart Stands

Engine assembly and disassembly tools

(7) Qts of Power Plus Oil

(6) 6" angled airfilters with foam pre filters

(2) 12"padded steering wheels

(2) straight headers for RLV silencer

(2) Black extended chain guards

(1) 4HP Cylinder head machined for high lift cam
(1) Cylinder Head Torque Plate

(1) Sprocket Hub
(1) Brake Hub
(2) Aluminum Brake Rotors

(1) Chain Guard

(3) Rear hubs

(2) Flat Aluminum Motor Mounts with Hardware

(4) Steel axles 1@40", 1@39", 2@38"

(3) 4" Air filters with foam pre filters

(4) Air filter adapters

(2) Horstman MDC Clutches. One is balanced,with extra drums; 1@18T, 1@17T, 2@16T, 2@14T, 2@15T

Price - contact Seller

Seller - contact Cindy or Steve at

Other items for sale by this individual:

Trick Olympic Oval Kart
Tires and Wheels
Pace American 6'x12' enclosed trailer